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Service commitment



  1. Pre-sale services:
  ① free for customers to conduct site surveys, project consulting, design drawings, project budget and  the relevant technical information.
  ② customer-centric, providing customers with a variety of feasible solutions for customers reference best customer satisfaction results.
   2, the sale of services:
  ① strict accordance with national standards for production, according to the ISO9001 quality system for the entire process of product quality control, strict compliance with the relevant provisions of the contract.
   ② free delivery to customers, installation, commissioning, acceptance of a single fill quality, complete customer use, maintenance and general troubleshooting of technical guidance.
  3. Service:
  ① Warranty: device fulfills three years free warranty and lifetime maintenance, fast and quickly provide the required services to customers, after the warranty period, equipment maintenance charge only the cost of materials, excluding labor costs.
  ② telephone service: setting up customer hotline, the first time to deal with customers in the use of equipment problems in the process.
  ③ software services: free for customers with consulting and related software upgrade version.
  ④ escort services: build customer files, tracking service to customers, free of charge to customers on  a regular basis to conduct an annual inspection and warranty.


After-sale technical maintenance services

 Warranty period: five years after acceptance.
 Maintenance personnel free warranty period within 2 hours after receiving a repair notice to respond within 24  hours to reach the scene.
 Commitments are as follows:


 Jinhan Metal Furniture Co. product from the user acceptance date, five years free warranty and lifetime maintenance. If there is non-human quality problems during the warranty period, we will be responsible for free repair or replacement, loss or improper use of the product if the issues users exceed the warranty period, we are responsible for the maintenance, the appropriate charge only the cost of materials and installation of associated costs.


 Warranty period, we are responsible for all losses due to equipment costs arising from quality problems.


  We offer free delivery, installation, commissioning and training services.


  I am in receipt of user notification made to respond within two hours and maintenance personnel leave, within 24 hours to reach the site for maintenance, problem solving within eight hours, in exceptional cases, the problem can not be solved in the short term, I will do a written explanation and a clear solution to the problem of time.


  My company has a service department, a person responsible for product consulting services annually, to answer questions about the quality of products and service, maintenance of emerging issues raised by customers, and the willingness of market information and optimize the customer's proposed collection.


 I sold the product for warranty and repair timing, a major failure for site maintenance, our professionals guarantee within 24 hours and leave the scene.



Training Matters

 We offer free delivery, installation, commissioning and training services


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